What is VCA

VCA is our own branded Crypto-coin that belongs to the Modular Mayhem Community.

With VCA you get acces to special offers, activities and opportunities but above all it’s a way to support our projects and our community.

You can buy your VCA on the Rally platform.

Rally is a platform for creators and their communities to build their own independent digital economies.

The idea is that by buying and holding and trading in VCA coins you are supporting Colin Benders and his Modular Mayhem community.

Learn all about it at Rally.io


Which payment options do you offer

We offer the following payment options:

  • $VCA (via http://rally.io | http://getbonfire/vca)
  • Creditcard
  • iDeal (Dutch only)

When will the album be delivered

We do our best to get your album delivered in the week of the release – so around the 17th of december.
(But unfortunately for some regions and countries like South America and Australia this will be a bit ambitious since shipments to those parts of the world are likely to take more than a month.)

Hence our shipping schedule:

  • Adresses in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium: shipping starts monday 13 december
  • Adresses in the rest of the European Union: shipping starts monday 6 december
  • Adresses in Europe, outside the European Union: shipping starts monday 29 november
  • Adresses in US, Canada: shipping starts monday 22 november
  • Adresses in parts of the world not mentioned above: shipping starts monday 15 november

What are the delivery and handling costs

The promoted prices include all shipping and handling.

Do you charge VAT

Inside the European Union
All prices are including VAT.

Outside of the European Union
When you’re ordering from outside of the European Union VAT is 0%.
But you may have to pay local taxes on delivery of the package.

In case you need an invoice with VAT (because your order is in the name of a company and your residence is inside the European Union), you can send us a email at: info@hissandhertz.com and we’ll be happy to send you one.

Why do you need my phonenumber when outside of the European Union

This is one of the requirements made by customs, sending packages accross borders without a phonenumber might result in a delay of delivery.

What's the cancel/return policy

Do you want to send back the record or cancel your order? No problem at all, but be sure you take the steps described below:

You can cancel your order until three days before we start shipping the records – (check the shipping schedule).
You can do so by sending us a mail to: hissandhertz@colinbenders.com with your name, the order number and accountnumber of your bank and we’ll refund your money within 14 days.

After you received your record or special edition you still have 14 days for second thoughts. If you decide to send it back, let us know by e-mail to: hissandhertz@colinbenders.com. Be sure to mention your name, the order number and accountnumber of your bank. After you sent the mail you have another 14 days to have the package successfully returned to:

Hiss & Hertz Records
Marsstraat 22
3582PN Utrecht
The Netherlands

Please make sure that your name and order number are clearly visible on or inside the package.

After we received the package in good condition we will refund you the money within 14 days (make sure you didn’t remove the shrinkwrap on Floaty Things!).
The costs for returning the package are for your own account.

By the way: the option for cancelling or returning does not apply for the Special Edition which you might have purchased in any auction we might have initiated during this campaign – see the Terms and Conditions.

Hiss & Hertz Records

a tradename of Modular Mayhem B.V.

Marsstraat 22
3582PN Utrecht
The Netherlands

Email: info@hissandhertz.com
Telephone: +31 30 2515216 (office hours)

Chamber of Commerce:  82274401

VAT identification number: NL8624.05.853.B01